AFRICAN CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE PROGRAM 13th Edition-Columbia , Maryland August 17-20, 2023

DAYS 2 : 19/08/2023
DAYS 1 : 18/08/2023
Location: 5485 Twin Knoll Rd, Columbia, MD

The Radio Connection Worldwide network’s purpose is to serve the Lord’s people and to help strengthen each Christian family in our listening audience. The Radio Connection Worldwide network is an arm of each Bible preaching local church and, as such, will encourage each listener toward a closer walk with the Lord. Radio Connection World Wide presents the finest Bible Teaching and Christian News & Information programming in America and the rest of the world. We continue to offer families quality Christian programming 24 hours a day! Radio Connection Worldwide now operates worldwide through our Audio Stream at and all across the North America and the rest of the world. Radio Connection World Wide staff members are committed to excellence and service to glorify God and be a blessing to each listener. Quality Christian Radio is not simply transmitting towers and microphones, but people who really care and want only God’s best for each life that is touched each day. Radio CW is an interdenominational nonprofits evangelistic organization founded in 2009. Radio CW is governed by a Board of directors, with offices and studios located in Maryland. Radio   CW ministers to the whole body of Christ, with programs that offer biblical answers. Radio CW is a non-stock, not for Profit Corporation. Donations to RCW are tax deductible.

African Christian Conference is a ministry of Radio Connection Worldwide online. There are over ten thousand of conferences that happen every year.

The “African Christian Conference” is not to be just another conference but an honest, sincere, earnest plea for the desperate need of revival. Through the ministry of Radio CW, we have come across the spiritual need in African Christian immigrant’s community. There is such an urgent need at this point for African immigrants in North America and in Europe to have a genuine revival. Our vision and hope are that this annual event added to our Radio Ministry will stir people to pray more desperately and urgently for a heaven sent revival in our day. Hosting this four-day annual event, African Christian Conference is looking:


  • To mobilize African Immigrants to pray and seek Revival, personally, corporately and nationally.
  • To motivate African Immigrants to seek personal victory and personal evangelism in their lives and Families
  • To move African local congregations and its spiritual leaders to renewal and spiritual vitality.
  • To meet the need for reinforcement in the lives of those who have made commitments in previous Meetings
  • To magnify the Lord Jesus Christ through testimonies which encourage God’s people and challenge the unconverted besides the spiritual Vision, Radio CW through the Ministry of African Christian Conference is seeking to stimulate and develop pathway to sustainable projects in Africa based in fund raising platform built on the ‘Best practices”.
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African Christian Conference 2023 Sponsorship

The conference is hosted by the ministry of Radio Connection Worldwide and is an interdenominational event. This Nationwide Event will be held in August 17/20 2023. We anticipate 100-150 African immigrants Christians and spiritual leaders from USA, Canada, Europe and Africa. The keynotes conference speakers will come from Africa and USA:

  • Rev Raoul kouevi (Radiocw CEO & Founder) Host
  • Bishop Nya Paul   Founder Go Fetch Them (Togo)
  • Rev Komi Touzan  Founder Of MIGEC (TOGO)
  • Catherine kassongo (All nations for Jesus Christ)
  • Dr Ekoe Amewounou (Emija)
  • Pasteur Theodore Akpo Tennesse

Due to Radio CW highest rate of audiences in Columbia

Radiocw Christian Conference from17/20 August 2023

Sponsors accrue several benefits through this strategic investment:


  • Enhancing the visibility and reputation of the sponsor within African immigrant’s Christian community.
  • Gaining access to African Christians leaders who influence thousands of Christian’s life for a long term partnership for mission and business opportunities on the continent.

African Christian Conference benefits from a sponsor’s support in several important ways:


  • Conference fees for participants are kept as low as possible, allowing more people to attend than might otherwise be possible.
  • Provide partial or full support to key Speakers traveling from developing countries, support may be provided, as needed to sponsor their participation.